Up In Lights

Inspired by Austin Scarlett's winning design in the 9th challenge for the Project Runway All Stars, "Up In Lights."  This is a freeform peyote beaded bead pendant necklace in blues and crystal, with silvery accents.

So here it is, just three weeks late.

Besides making this, I also made a couple of necklaces:
Beaded Bead Sampler Necklace

The Pewter Lily Necklace

Now, in case that slipped past your awareness, here is what has to be the most unfortunate photograph I have ever taken.
Talk about your Munny shot.


I'll have more later, because I'm just that way.


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your Project Runway pieces. Great job.

  2. Thanks, Dee D - it's a lot of fun, stretching the "little grey cells," as Poirot says.

  3. Beautiful pieces! I love the beaded bead sampler, and the last photo is just hilarious.

    I fell behind on watching Project Runway, but I'm very excited about the winner! :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah - I've been thinking about re-watching all the old episodes of Project Runway from the beginning and see what inspiration might be mined from the exercise.


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