Mondo's Godspell

I'm almost done with my seventh effort for the Project Runway All Stars' Embellishing the Runway challenge - it might look finished, but once I took the pictures and had a chance to sit back and look at the piece with a more critical eye, I knew what I still need to do.

First, the inspiration:
You can read all about the designers' challenge on the official Project Runway All Stars website.

I seldom incorporate fiber into my jewelry, but how could I not in this case? 
Fifteen strands of Swarovski pearls, dyed freshwater pearls, crystals, cornerless copper cubes, sparkling seed beads, and specialty yarns connect with an antique copper slide.

Sluggo Wears It Well

As I sit back and look at the finished work, I can see a need for just a few more strands - some cobalt blue I think.

More later, as it happens.

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