Up In Lights

Inspired by Austin Scarlett's winning design in the 9th challenge for the Project Runway All Stars, "Up In Lights."  This is a freeform peyote beaded bead pendant necklace in blues and crystal, with silvery accents.

So here it is, just three weeks late.

Besides making this, I also made a couple of necklaces:
Beaded Bead Sampler Necklace

The Pewter Lily Necklace

Now, in case that slipped past your awareness, here is what has to be the most unfortunate photograph I have ever taken.
Talk about your Munny shot.


I'll have more later, because I'm just that way.


Farewell, Etsy - It's Been A Slice

Emptied out my Etsy store today and placed it on indefinite hiatus.  It has been over six months since I had a sale there.  For all of my reasons, including lack of sales - read ThePlaypen's review of Etsy HERE on CNET.  I wholeheartedly agree with all of their points.  It was dated June of 2010, but nothing's changed except for the worse there.
EDIT:  Just so you know I gave this a fair trial, I've been selling on Etsy since August of 2006.  I did all right for the first couple of years, then it all started coming apart - as soon as they killed the free-wheeling forums and standardized the rose colored glasses approach I should have decamped, but whether through inertia or blind loyalty I hung in there.

Giving The Craft Star a hard look.  I can't stop making stuff, and I can't keep it all, so I need a sales venue that fits me.  Until they launch and I have a chance to evaluate what they're offering, I might try Artfire - they have a free trial offer so I've got nothing to lose there but some time. 

I made some bracelets last weekend.  Six, actually. Maybe what I need isn't a new sales venue.  Maybe what I need is an intervention. 

Pics to follow soon.
The bracelet pics, as promised:

These are stretchy bangles, made with metal rounds and Red Creek jasper tiles.  I love them.  And yes, I wear them all at once.


Mondo & Montego Bay

I am seriously behind on the Project Runway All Stars challenges - but only by two at this point.

Inspired by the winning look for Project Runway All Stars' eighth episode created by Mondo Guerra and based on the Jamaican flag.  This is an adjustable bracelet of black glass crow beads, beaded pewter spacers and waxed linen cord.

Here's some closer looks:

So on to tackling more of that bead soup, along with two more VERY challenging challenges -

Austin's lighting-of-the-night
Mondo's ready-to-wear collage
(Screengrab from MyLifetime.com)                     
What to do, what to do . . . 


The First Of The Late Reveals - or - Revenge of the Bead Soup Blog Party

So I made this necklace to match the set of bead crochet bangles made for the Project Runway All Stars'  sixth episode challenge/Embellish the Runway Flickr group.  Crystal seed beads worked with chocolate brown bead cord, accented with lampwork glass spacers and the lovely oversized toggle closure that came with my soup from the Beading Yogini, Cece Cormier.

I wore it all day today, with the bangles, and got quite a few nice comments.  

There's so much yet to do will all the cool stuff still in the soup.  I do so love leftovers.


Mondo's Godspell

I'm almost done with my seventh effort for the Project Runway All Stars' Embellishing the Runway challenge - it might look finished, but once I took the pictures and had a chance to sit back and look at the piece with a more critical eye, I knew what I still need to do.

First, the inspiration:
You can read all about the designers' challenge on the official Project Runway All Stars website.

I seldom incorporate fiber into my jewelry, but how could I not in this case? 
Fifteen strands of Swarovski pearls, dyed freshwater pearls, crystals, cornerless copper cubes, sparkling seed beads, and specialty yarns connect with an antique copper slide.

Sluggo Wears It Well

As I sit back and look at the finished work, I can see a need for just a few more strands - some cobalt blue I think.

More later, as it happens.



It's Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal time - and I have to say I'm really disappointed.  In myself.  I had so many Big Ideas but I only managed to produce a few of my concepts.  I overestimated my ability to manage my time.  But I love each and every piece I've made and I look forward to completing all of my projected designs in the days to come.

First off, here's what I sent to my swap partner, Cece Cormier/The Beading Yogini:

And this is what she sent to me:

And this is what I've made so far:

A wrist corsage with a galactic posey and carnelian chips

An asymmetric necklace with copper and blue glass crow beads

A galactic posey pin with peridot chips

And this last is a bit of a cheat, as I posted pictures of it already.  These bangles use some of those lovely, chunky glass spacers:

I'm in the middle of making a matching necklace - but it'll be a few days before that's ready.  

I ran out of daylight today as I was taking pictures - all of the photos with orange backgrounds are actually scans.  Better pics soon.

Many thanks again to our lovely Queen of the Hop, Lori Anderson!