A Bit Behind on Runway Challenges

So . . . here's some shiny stuff to look at.

And some puppies.

I should be spending my time catching up, and here I am - doing this.

I'm still working on my piece for "Patterning For The Pig," inspired by Michael Costello's win for the third challenge, but I do have quite a bit done for my Pink Grapefruit gelato inspired project (see below).  They may be completed at the same time - in any case before Episode 5.

More later - there's no help for it, I'm afraid.


  1. Hi - I'm just blog hopping around Lori's list of participants for BSBP and thought I'd leave a comment. Incredible blog. Your beaded bracelets on Etsy are ""to die for!" I can't wait to see what you do with your new components.


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