Jerell's Winter

Inspired by the winning look created by Jerell Scott for Project Runway All Stars' sixth episode seen here -> LINKIE .

A group of five crystal seed bead crocheted bangles with a chocolate undertone, highlighted by lampwork glass and pewter spacers.

This means I'm caught up with my "Embellishing the Runway" challenges (remember, anyone can play!) - and I've got til next Thursday to come up with something to go with this amazing design from Mondo:

As Christopher Siriano would say - FIERCE.


Mondo's Street

Every week I'm inspired by the winning look from Lifetime's Project Runway All Stars. Episode 5 nearly had me stumped, though. Mondo has a way of looking at the world that can sometimes be too intense for me to deconstruct - which is how I work. I deconstruct the elements of the design and work out what might best accentuate or enhance that design. In this case I found I had to focus on Just The Jacket. Using that as my springboard, I was able to see my way to this necklace. Combining gemstone rounds, Greek ceramic beads, copper wire, chain and findings, and a carved bone connector bead, I'm very happy with the results. And I want that jacket.

(screengrab from mylifetime.com HERE)

BIG GNARLY NOTICE:  Since I posted this, I've redone the necklace just a bit.  Here are the updated photos:

Come see what we're doing at the Flickr group, Embellishing the Runway - and remember, anyone can play!

The winning look from Episode 6 is already on the beadboard, and once that's done I can get back to my bucket of designs for the Bead Soup Blog Hop.  Busy busy busy.

More later.  Cheers!


Pink Grapefruit

Finished my piece to meet the fourth challenge presented by Project Runway All Stars - Michael's Gelato.

Taking my inspiration from Michael Costello's winning look, I combined bead embroidery with a bit of wire wrapping and some stringing.  I think you can see the 'pink grapefruit gelato' influence.

I have my sketch for the fifth challenge, just assembled all the bits I need - but I might set it aside while I pull together a few more pieces for the Big Reveal on March 3rd - referring to the Bead Soup Blog Party.

So naturally, there will be more later.  Cheers!


Project Runway All Stars Episode 3

Inspired by Michael Costello's creation for Miss Piggy, at last I finished my beaded bead cuff -

Here's a collage of shots:

Now on to the inspired piece from Episode 4.    So, more later then.


A Bit Behind on Runway Challenges

So . . . here's some shiny stuff to look at.

And some puppies.

I should be spending my time catching up, and here I am - doing this.

I'm still working on my piece for "Patterning For The Pig," inspired by Michael Costello's win for the third challenge, but I do have quite a bit done for my Pink Grapefruit gelato inspired project (see below).  They may be completed at the same time - in any case before Episode 5.

More later - there's no help for it, I'm afraid.