A Box Filled With Sunsets & Light

Yesterday afternoon my box of beads arrived from my Bead Soup Blog Party partner , Cece Cormier - to say I'm over the moon about what I received would be an enormous understatement.

I had some fun this morning photographing everything with the aid of my charming models.

So, to sum up - this is what I received - this magical pool of glass and light and fibers - and now the real fun begins - to create something worthy of the materials.

So many, many thanks, Cece - for all of this - but most especially for gifting me with a guardian angel:


Shame on me - I forgot to give a huge shout-out to our kind and generous hostess for this party, Lori Anderson!


Swappin' Soup and Stitchin' Stuff

I got picked for the party!!  Thanks, Carol Dean Sharp, for pointing me at this event - I'm really looking forward to this - this is the first time I've publicly swapped soup with another beader.

Hee hee.

Still digging out boxes of beads to rifle through - my bead stash occupies several rooms around here - but I'm having fun putting this together.  I know the clasp I want to add, I just can't remember where I stashed it . . . and as I'm sorting through trays and buckets and jars of glass and gemstone and bone and metal I'm finding it hard to keep from putting new projects together for myself.

Nearly done with the principle embroidery for my "Wall of Turquoise" cuff - this is one of those projects from my to-do bucket that I started last summer.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, it demanded my attention.  Here's the progress on it so far:
The clasp I have for this is gorgeous - but I'll save the picture of it until next time.


The Golden Austin Ratio

Austin Scarlett had the winning design for the second challenge on Lifetme's "Project Runway All Stars" and it served as inspiration for the Embellish The Runway group over at Flickr.  The piece I put together for this challenge is my first endless strand:

Still working on the dragon, but I have some other beadwork I want to finish - more later, as per usual.

Machinarium MegaCuff

Reworked some bits and pieces into another cuff bracelet.  Can't decide about listing it on Etsy.  Might need to keep it.

Now for the next All Stars challenge.


Embellish the Runway, All Star Edition

The Runway's back and the inspiration is flowing - the winner of the premier episode was Rami Kashou with this look:
So I came up with this:
This is a beaded bead necklace strung on multiple leather straps, with silver finish findings, accented with a spiky little heart.

Anyone can play!  Check out the Flickr group, Embellishing the Runway, see what others were inspired to make and share your own ideas!

More later, as usual.