The Dragon. This Time For Sure?

From my blog post back in May of 2007:

"I should take a moment to explain about the dragon. I made a doll I named Valeria Gloria, and she is a dragon rider."

She needed a dragon to ride, though. I found Melinda's Dragon. I made a few modifications to the pattern and built the form in muslin. I've been staring at this pale cream shape now for a year and a half, waiting for it to tell me what to do."

So I started.  Time and again.  Drawing patterns on the form, starting to bead only to stop and rip out all the work I'd done.  Now it's really shouting to be finished - no matter how much I tear up my fingertips.  I gotta find my leather thimble.  The path to completion is, well, painful.

Here's the dragon in the raw.

The front legs aren't attached - I'm beading them right now. 

I need to find that thimble . . .


  1. Good golly! Amazing bead work!! Only someone who beads can appreciate your work on this piece!!

  2. Oh my God!! This is gonna be one amazing piece of art.

  3. @Amy's - we know for sure it's going to take an amazing amount of time!


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