Dragon Update #1

Forearms complete.  Now to do the upper arms, hammy legs, batwing ears, spine, body, head, face and tail.


The Dragon. This Time For Sure?

From my blog post back in May of 2007:

"I should take a moment to explain about the dragon. I made a doll I named Valeria Gloria, and she is a dragon rider."

She needed a dragon to ride, though. I found Melinda's Dragon. I made a few modifications to the pattern and built the form in muslin. I've been staring at this pale cream shape now for a year and a half, waiting for it to tell me what to do."

So I started.  Time and again.  Drawing patterns on the form, starting to bead only to stop and rip out all the work I'd done.  Now it's really shouting to be finished - no matter how much I tear up my fingertips.  I gotta find my leather thimble.  The path to completion is, well, painful.

Here's the dragon in the raw.

The front legs aren't attached - I'm beading them right now. 

I need to find that thimble . . .