Embellish The Runway, Project Accessory edition

I'm trying hard to keep up with the Embellish the Runway, Accessory edition (Flickr group)but they just ran the third episode and I've only now finished my stuff for the first challenge.   The challenge itself was to root through a storage locker and find enough material to make a necklace, a belt, and an object of the maker's choice to jazz up a white tee and a pair of jeans.  Adapting the challenge, I spent a few minutes in a local thrift store and came up with this stuff:

Then I made this stuff with it:

Time's disappearing faster than usual, and I'm moving at the speed of evolution here, but I really want to keep with it.

Embellish the Runway is an open group on Flickr and anyone can join - c'mon!  It's fun!  Even if it does take me  forever to get these challenges done, I'm in there sluggin'.

Maybe more later.

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  1. Amazing set.I totally love the bracelet


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