Bookman's Holiday

For our annual fall vacation, we chose to stick around and get some things taken care of around the book store.  Major shelving, cleaning, some plumbing work, getting the heat turned on, that sort of thing.  More importantly, we decided to go on a Santa Fe Thrift Store buying spree to replenish the stock.  We rented a mid-sized SUV for comfort, and were instantly confounded by the technology.  Understand, the youngest vehicle we've ever driven is our little '85 Toyota Tercel hatchback.  We couldn't get the freaky "keyless locks" to work for a start.  And it kinda went downhill from there.  The drive was super comfy, though, and we went there and back again safely, quickly and successfully - we visited 6 charity shops, bought almost 300 books and had a late lunch at the Santa Fe Outlet Mall - there's a delicious little French-themed place there called Cafe Vingt Cinq - the special of the day was a wonderful chicken fillet sammich with avocado, pesto, and fresh greens on a freshly baked chunk of bread with a side of jacket fries.  Soooooo tasty.  But I digress.  The vehicle.  It was as big as a damned cabin cruiser.  We had some white-knuckling in every parking lot.  AND two days' rental - with a gas fill-up and their insurance - was almost $200.  An interesting and educational experience.

I have now had my current cold for just over two weeks.  I'm becoming quite attached to it.  In the bad way.

About the Embellish the Runway Flickr challenge - you can see what we did here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/etr/ - I fell way behind, but at last I'm finished.  Here's some pics of what I've made since the last posting:

This necklace was loosely inspired by the winning look for Episode 7:

This was inspired by Viktor's win from Episode 8:

This was inspired by Viktor's winning look from Episode 9:

 This piece was inspired by Bert's win from Episode 10:

For Episode 11, we decided to choose our own inspirational bird.  I went with the raven:

 You can see the inspiration picture above for the mini-collection win from Episode 12.

 This was my offering for the finale (Episodes 13/14).
  Glad that's over.

Now we're busy with Project Accessory.  I just managed to watch the first two episodes all the way through, but I had a general idea of what was up for the first challenge.  And no, I haven't pulled it together yet.  Shouldn't take long - maybe that's why I'm dragging on it.

Well, more later - probably much later - as always.


  1. Wow on all counts, Morwyn! I love all of these challenge pieces...my favorite might be the bracelet for Episode 10...with the collection for Episode 12 a close second. ;)

  2. Thanks, CD! It's interesting - you chose my most girlie pieces as your favorites!

  3. Amazing! I'm still new in beading but I'm learning from the best!

  4. Thanks, Rossana! What a nice thing to say!

  5. Love them all, but Viktor's piece has got my creativity hopping! What a stunning freeform, very organic! May I ask your base or how you are finishing them off? Thank you! Carla

    1. Thanks, Carla - I hadn't looked at those pieces for some time - what a nice reminder. Anyway, the base for the freeform peyote bracelet inspired by Viktor's win was just rectangular wooden beads. It really was too heavy to wear, so I eventually dismantled the piece and sold the beaded beads separately.


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