Progress on the February Journal Page/Chunky Beaded Bead Bracelets

I've been working on my February page, but I've also been making a lot of bracelets lately.

Canton Treasure (I'm keeping this one):

Peking Treasure:

Ming Treasure:

Between a Rock and a Soft Place:

I was lucky enough to be The Jade Dog's "plus-one" on a buying trip to the motherlode of all bead shows in Tucson.  In two days' time, we managed to hit 4 or 5 of the nearly 40 bead shows that were happening AND attend a class - Painting with Fire, in which we learned torch-fired enameling from Barbara Lewis.  The class was Big Fun and the shopping was Extreme.  I was so knocked out by the whole experience I didn't remember to take pictures when we were there, and forgot to chronicle all the cool stuff I collected up for myself.  I saw some of the most stunning art jewelry imaginable.  It was heaven.  It was inspiring.  If you have never gone to this event, you would be right to envy me.

After we returned from Tucson and the Overwhelming Beady Extravaganza, I finished my latest spiral bead crochet bracelet for my Myst-inspired series.

Haunted Tetsonot:
Sluggo's working out very well.  I think he looks like Olivia Newton John in that last photo.

To business; here's my progress to date on the February page -

I think I'm on-target to finish the page by the end of the month. 
More later!