January BJP Progress & "Process"

This is where things are at the moment:

Since I took this picture, I realized the placement of the leaves made the figure resemble a turtle, and while that's really cute it wasn't exactly what I was going for.  I've since repositioned them.

Robin Atkins asked a question in her comment on my last post.  "Will you "talk" a little about your process, the materials and steps you go through to begin one of the badges? "  This stopped me dead in my tracks.  So much of what I do in this arena is instinctual and while part of my process is most definitely mindful, it's a whole 'nother animal to try and communicate how you do what you do.

So I'll bore everyone for a while with what I understand of the five stages of work.  I read "A Way of Working" a long time ago and can't give proper credit to the specific author that spoke to this, but as I recall, it breaks down like this:

The Dreaming
......This is Getting the Big Idea; whether the concept springs from a need, a dream,  or sifting through a box of rocks.  It comes fully formed or teases the imagination with faint glimmerings.  This is the stage where you recognize the spark of creation.
The Gathering
.....This refers to collecting up the tools and materials needed to manifest the dream - and this can include not just the tangibles like cloth, beads, needles and thread but also skills and techniques.

The Reforming
.....Every act of creation is at first an act of destruction.  You're taking the materials and changing their form from bits and disparate pieces (destroying their individuality) and making them into something new - with any luck something cohesive, creating one object out of the many.  This is the actual Doing, the Making.

The Refining
.....The finishing stages - the time to stand back and get a sense of what you've made and how you feel about it.  Last bit of spit and polish, 11th hour adjustments, final tweeks - and I have to confess, sometimes this is where you yell, "What was I thinking?", tear it all apart and start all over again.

The Realization
.....The Big Wah-Lah.  For some folks, this is the very hardest part.  This is when you let it go.  There it is - on display.  Your little brainchild, out there for all the world to see.  For some of us, this is when we hang a price tag on it and put it up for sale.  For some, this is when we wrap it carefully and hide it in the back of the closet.  The thing is, you HAVE to let it go.  And start all over again.

Every month I'll go through each of these stages for the BJP, and at the end of the year I'll have one big socko Realization.

You know, you do this stuff without even thinking about it all through your day.  When you make a meal, or clean a shed, run errands or write a report, you're making something and the process is exactly the same.  And if you're aware of it, and honor that process by filling it with intention and all your very unique talents, you end up with an incredibly rich life.

Next time I'll be more specific about this particular piece since it's nearly done.


  1. Thank you for the photos...and for the discussion. It is a help to use beginners in beading to see how ya'll more experienced beaders approach your work. And of course, everything you said reinforced what I also do...because it's what we all do. Somehow, that gives me comfort...and strengthens my own drive to get this project completed. So, again...thanks!


  2. Interesting. I'll have to see if I can find that book. I guess I never thought of how I create in that way.

  3. Very pretty -- looking forward to seeing the finished piece!

  4. I really love the stone and your treatment of it. It is going to be a lovely piece.

  5. Oh Morwyn, you are such a doll!!! Thanks for:
    -the five steps in your words
    -the book reference
    -your candid thoughts about your current badge
    -being in the BJP this year
    -the paragraph about honoring the process
    -your photos
    -the vote

    Your post makes my day ;>) And if you think this is too many words, try my latest...duh!


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