Last Beautiful Days of Autumn, Part Deux

Double strand bead crochet bracelet with hand-forged PMC toggle from Darcy Horn at www.thejadedog.com/store.asp?cat=13&sub=35
"Fancy glass" seed beads from China with stabilized finishes.

Also:  just listed on Etsy -

OH!  And before I forget - voting on the Etsy/NASA Space Craft contest has begun - and I didn't make the cut.  There's some serious and seriously funny stuff over there.  I voted - you should too!


  1. That toggle is perfect with the double strand!

  2. @ Darcy - I know! Now I can't find the other toggles - and I *must* for I am now making the double-strand necklace!!

  3. La pulsera es muy bonita y el cierre es muy, muy original. Precioso trabajo. Enhorabuena!!!!


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