Overly Charming 3.0

You can read more about this piece in my Etsy listing  HERE.

Pretty sure I know what I want to do for my Bead Journal Project beginning in January.  Still thinkin'.



Overly Charming 1.0

I spent two days working out how I wanted this to be constructed and another two days bringing it into being.  I haven't done much wire wrapping in a long, long time.  Even something as simple as a wrapped loop.  Doing so much and all at once, I had forgotten how easy it is to stick, clip, pinch and generally torment one's fingers.

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Last Beautiful Days of Autumn, Part Deux

Double strand bead crochet bracelet with hand-forged PMC toggle from Darcy Horn at www.thejadedog.com/store.asp?cat=13&sub=35
"Fancy glass" seed beads from China with stabilized finishes.

Also:  just listed on Etsy -

OH!  And before I forget - voting on the Etsy/NASA Space Craft contest has begun - and I didn't make the cut.  There's some serious and seriously funny stuff over there.  I voted - you should too!


Last Beautiful Days of Autumn (in progress)

Work in progress; beads were identified as "fancy glass" from China (purchased at Wal-Mart) and no size given - sizes appear to include 11°, 10° and 8°, with many irregular shapes.  The finishes have been stabilized with fixative.  I can't decide if this is going to be a neckpiece or a multistrand bracelet.  I have enough beads strung to make both.  I love the crazy texture.