Intermission: The Etsy/NASA Space Craft Contest

I entered this piece in the contest:


I have no idea how or when the judging/voting takes place.  I just want this to go up in the Space Shuttle.  That would be amazing.


Embellish the Runway - Week 12 Challenge

Inspired by Michael C's "best" look from the "New York State of Mind" challenge:
I hope you all get the joke here:

 (minimal sewing, all draping, plenty of flash and I really don't know where the materials came from)


Intermission: Lace & Thorn

I felt like noodling with some of the gorgeous tile beads I picked up last May.  The tiles are "Wild Horse Canyon Jasper" and the hearts, Crazy Lace Agate:

Oh!  And I slapped together my own Treasury over at Etsy HERE.  Go!  Click!  Comment!  Heat this up!  Woohoo!


Embellish the Runway - Week 9 Challenge

And it's Mondo for the win once more:
Square stitched 1.5mm glass cubes with repro vintage button closure:

Square stitch is incredibly sturdy, but unbelievably labor intensive.  Lesson learned.