Embellishing the Runway - Week 4 Challenge

This was the Project Runway winner last week, from which we had to extrapolate inspiration for the "Embellish the Runway" Flickr group:

Disclaimer:  In solidarity with Michael C, the winner of this challenge, I started this bracelet several times, having trouble getting my sketch and interior vision to manifest; finding my way only to run out of beads in the eleventh hour, skittering across the finish line but loving what I ended up with.  Except for the closure.  Gotta rework the closure.

Aeronie's Anklet Bracelet

Revised color placement:

A commissioned piece for a cyber pal:  Hand cut and formed jump rings, thick glass leaves and filigree gold plated ball dangle.  I wasn't too sure about combining blue and gold, but the colorway here is sufficiently nuanced that they play well together.  I might just do one in green and silver . . .


Embellish the Runway - Week 1 Challenge

Inspired by the winner of the Project Runway Season 8 Episode 1 Challenge, "And Sew It Begins."

A reworked bracelet, incorporating several old bracelets into one:

Challenge Met.