What? I Left a Note . . .

Rarely do I post about my personal life - only as is appropriate in relation to my creative endeavors.  This is one of those times.  Since the first of April, I've taken over most of the work of running our bookstore as my partner has been experiencing a health crisis.

About three weeks ago he got a pacemaker and is bouncing back nicely, but his other (non-heart related) health conditions are an ongoing concern.  We project I'll be spending progressively more time at the bookstore and the Day Job.  Art and The Creative Life will take on more of a therapeutic role for me.

What I need to do right now is sell as much as I can, and quickly, from my Etsy shop and get all this destash stuff up and listed, too.   You can follow whatever news I have on the Facebook page.  Time being of the essence here, I'll sign off for now, wishing you all the best.



New Titles Listed

I've been neglecting my website lately - but at last I have some new craft books listed:

I'm working on another bead embroidery piece right now - I'm not sure where it's leading me, but I'm most definitely enjoying the scenery along the way.

More later, just because.


Last of the Wristras

For now, anyway.

I'm thinking of way too many things at once again.  What I should be doing is thinking of ways to create more time to do them.