Mariposa de la Luz

I'm finding the simplicity of this technique to be very relaxing.  Two more and I'll get back to bead embroidery - I have at least four more treasure boxes, then three more handbags.  With a thing or two in between.

Now, here's my excuse for not finishing up the Multiplicity tutorial:  About three weeks ago I smashed my right index finger in a door, seriously discoloring the nail.  This made close-up how-to photos a little problematic.  I'm nearly healed so it won't be too much longer now.

More later, as always.


  1. I love the bracelet and butterfly and have put the tutorial on my wish list. I am sorry about your finger and am still looking forward to the tutorial but will wait patiently (I promise :) )

  2. I love this bracelet, Morwyn...the sprinkling of periwinkle beads throughout is a gorgeous touch and 'lifts' the whole piece. Nice work! :-)


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