Fat and Thin Peyote

I forgot to post a photo of what I've managed to work up so far from Darcy's excellent instructions:

I picked out the colors a few days ago, working on it in fits and starts. I wondered a bit after the fact if I had any beads to pair with it. I looked at others' work with this same stitch and knew I had to find some chunky big beads to slap on each end - I found exactly what I needed in the bag of jewelry I inherited from my mother-in-law last year. I love when things come together, seemingly out of the blue . . .

(bits of jade, jasper and hematite)

I won't be using all of the pieces, but with the judicious addition of some lampwork spacers from ScottyBeads, I think it may end up a very interesting, and chunky, bracelet.

More later, as always!


  1. so pretty I cant wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Me too - thanks, Kristen!

  3. This is fascinating, Morwyn. Do you think it looks a bit like Dutch spiral but simpler to do?

    Kathy V in NM

  4. @KV - Absolutely. I had the WORST time with Dutch spirals - never did really get into it. For me, the tubular peyote stitch has a more substantial, satisfactory result.

  5. Hey! I don't think I ever saw this post...did you finish it??

  6. @Darcy - I did finish it. And for some reason I just hated it. Cut it all apart to do something else with the beads. If I hadn't used the matte black and the matte 378s and gone with something cooler it might have worked for me.


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