Corazon de la Luz

Many many years ago I took a road trip with my daughter and daughter-in-law to Lincoln, NE - to an amazing import shop where I found these giant carved wood hearts and butterflies. I had no idea what I wanted to do with them, just that I needed them. Now, after all this time I worked out what to do. Now, of course, I wish I'd gotten more.

4 mm jasper rounds, copper Swarovski glass pearls, Japanese glass seed beads, and a copper toggle clasp set off the carved heart very nicely.

The beaded fringe technique is my "wristra" variation on the Jade Dog's instructions, available here: www.etsy.com/listing/46171351/ 

Before I work up my next container series, I want to play some more with these chunky charms.

More later, it's what I do.


  1. Absolutly stunning! I love the heart and of course the color choices!

  2. Oh YUM!!! that combo is absolutely deee-lish, Morwyn, and I think you have found *the perfect* answer to where those chunkies should live :>]] moremoremore, can't wait to see...!

  3. Thank you, Anja. I went to your blog and wish I could see your "favorite room in Spring" in person! So beautiful!!


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