The Web Shop Has Stuff In It!!!

BIG UPDATE:  The shopping cart on the website only likes PayPal!!  I'm working on it!!

That's right, and it's not just for my finished pieces any more. Gently used craft books are beginning to find their way online, starting with beadwork
 and basketry.

I finished scanning the very eclectic "Miscellaneous" category this morning,

as well as bookmaking

and clay titles

and should have them up by the end of the day tomorrow.

Coming book attractions include needlework, textile arts, doll & bear making, sewing, quilting, papercrafts, knitting & crochet to mention but a few.

Once that's done, the fun REALLY starts.  I get to organize, photograph and list all the destash beads.  Yoinks!!

More later, cuz I just can't help myself.


  1. Morwyn, I have to go to work this afternoon and would hate to miss your posting, so would you email me with your price on the alisa golden book on handmade books? I love her books and have been getting them from the library but would love to have my own copy...thanks!

  2. Hi, Bobbi! Email's on its way to ya!


  3. hi again...my main computer has been hit with an awful virus so it's not usable at the moment and I'm not doing email on my laptop since that's how the virus got into my desktop pc...
    so will see if I can just go to your sales site and order book from there?
    if you need to send me an email, then it will take a while until I can solve the problem...

  4. Hey, Bobbi - sorry to hear it! I have to manage six computers and I know what a nightmare a virus can be.

    This whole process uses email, so I'll just keep the book on hold for you. It's no longer on the sales site since I initiated things, so if you have access to your PayPal account, you could use the option to send money ($9.00 for the book + 2.96 shipping = $11.96) to the following PayPal address: birdsong06@msn.com, or we can wait until you get things up and running again. Cheers!



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