Thrift Store Finds and a Great Read

My partner has been asked to officiate at a wedding next month, and our wardrobes are a little sparse in the dress-up department - we're pretty much jeans 'n tees people.  This is going to be summery casual affair, so we made a trip to the local Junior League thrift store where I found a pair of dressy casual Evan Picone slacks in a sort of honey bronze color, as well as a cream colored silk blouse.  Asa found a summer weight sport coat that, to our mutual delight, actually fit him (he's 6'8").   Accessorizing should be a simple matter.  I've been planning on embellishing a few purses for sale and have been collecting up suitable bags for a while - in my stash (from this same thrift store) I remembered this neat little camel-colored suede bag.  I thought I should be able to snazz it up in time to carry to the wedding.  I did a closer inspection and discovered its actually a Michael Kors!  And I got it for $4!!  I couldn't be more pleased.

And here's the beginning of the ornament:

Here's something else I found on our latest excursion; four Ultrasuede sashes, each one over six feet long - the center section is about 4 inches wide and two feet long, the ends tapering out to about 1.5 inches wide.  Perfect for lining bead embroidered pins, pendants and bracelets!  Picked them up for a buck apiece!  Woop Woop!!

Now for the good read.  Absolutely the most important perk to being a book dealer is getting first pick of the titles that come in to our shop.  This came in a few days ago and Saturday afternoon I opened it up.

There is a poem on the acknowledgements page and when I read it, I knew I'd have to spend at least a part of my summer with Julia Cameron:


There are many things which resist naming,
And that is why we write.
We write because language is slippery,
And the truth is.
We write because
The light we have to see by
Is always shifting
Never forget that writers are prophets.
We speak in tongues.
We testify.
We are for each other a believing mirror.
Our words make us visible.
Our listening makes us heard.

Never forget that writers are soldiers.
Our writing is the long march,
The walk into time. 

Each word is a drum. 
We sound it across great distances, 
Reaching one another and ourselves. 
Every poem is a day's march. 
A celebration more necessary than water or wine. 
Every poem is a drink of blood. 

Never forget that writing is an act of courage -- 
Not on the days when it is simple and we discount it. 
Not on the days when it is hard and we write like sand. 
Our words are torches. 
We pass them hand to hand 
And mouth to mouth 
Like a burning kiss. 

Never forget to say thank you. 
Every syllable is a grace.

J. C.

The book is "Floor Sample; a creative memoir."   I'm looking forward to the rare, spare, stolen moments ahead.

More later, as always.


  1. Great finds! Silk blouses seem to be all over thrift stores, I have bought many over the years. It must be hard to find clothes to fit a 6'8" person so that was a specially good find, that coat.

  2. Beautiful purse...I'll be looking forward to seeing it with the beadwork on it!
    thanks for the recommendated reading...I've put a hold on the cameron book....it does sound like a great read!

  3. Such terrific finds! Nothing beats finding ultrasuede for cheap. And I love the stones you have chosen for the purse ornamentation . . . .

    Kathy V in NM


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