There's Working, Then There's Working

LittlestoneDesign was kind enough to include one of my ponies in her treasury, "NOT the Usual Beadweaving."
I never seem to hit the Treasury clock just right - it's been a long, long time since I was able to show off my favorites in a treasury.

Now, here's what I've been up to today:
I've been dealing with a kind of beader's block recently - it felt like everything I tried to pull together was a struggle - the inner vision wasn't being realized, or at least not without a fight.  I must have made and remade the same three pieces a dozen times this past month.   Happily, that's over for the time being.  This most recent piece is just falling into place.  What a relief.

Maybe the energy drains are done with me for a while.   I want to believe.

More later - it's what I do.


  1. I don't see a link to your web page on the blog. Did I miss it somewhere. I'd like to click over to see what new you have added.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Carol! The link is at the top of the sidebars to the left - I knew I was forgetting something! Thanks for the reminder!!


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