Earth Angel No. 3

This is the lightest of the three angels in color and tone.  I love the citrine chip wings.  I used a Wild Horse magnasite disk bead, a jasper rectangle, a mother-of-pearl heart, and dyed freshwater pearls along with Japanese glass seed beads.  It has such a nice, fresh feel. 

I just started work on the purse ornament.  I've been fixated on this portrait of Georgia O'Keeffe;
and I'm not exactly clear on how but I want to pull that strength of image into this particular bead embroidery. I used the tools over at Colourlovers and came up with this (simplified) palette:

I'm still listing craft books on my website, but I finished posting all the papercraft books on hand.  Like this one:
(There are so many great ideas in here - I adapted a lot of the techniques into some handbound books a few years ago - I wonder where I put my notes?)
And this one:
(This whole 'encyclopedia' series is excellent - comprehensive with clear instructions and great photos)
And this one,
to mention just a few.  Pop on over and check out all the papercraft titles!

There are still a lot of books I need to scan and list, but I'm taking a day off.  I managed to trip and fall out in our garage yesterday, and I am stiff and sore all over today.  I really should get back to work on the Multiplicity bracelet tutorial, but honestly.  All I wanna do right now is bead.

Well, more later.  Can't be helped.


  1. This angel is so pretty! Once again thanks for the eye candy!

  2. this angel is beautiful! thanks for sharing them!

  3. Hey Kristen! I think the Blogger comment moderation got stuck and stuttered - but I like what you said so much I'll just leave things as they are! Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to comment!

  4. Thats cool I do like it that much. I really should try embroidery but I'm not sure mine would look as nice as yours ;)


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