Back From Vacation with Treasure

Went rock shopping around town during our time off - Southwestern Minerals on Central near Louisiana had some great cabochons - clockwise from top left; Fancy Indian jasper, Piute, fancy picture jasper, snowflake obsidian, and epidote.

New Mexico Bead & Fetish did not disappoint - I found a few treats - top to bottom; lemon chrysoprase, pink jasper, fossilized coral and Imperial jasper.

At  Sun Country Gems I picked up these great picture jasper beads (they're the size of a silver dollar);

Elinor Oldham (next to the Cost Plus on Menaul) had some great fossilized stone rounded rectangles (photo's a bit fuzzy) along with a strand of jade and serpentine;

Mama's Minerals had some amazing stuff on the sale racks - I grabbed a few strands of  Wild Horse Canyon picture jasper:

No trip to Old Town is complete without a stop at The Old Town Cat House, where I picked up a new mug:

Got this book ^ at Bookworks, on one of our last stops.

All these treasures to play with, when clearly what I need is a time machine.

I finished loading all of the Etsy merchandise onto my website, AnotherCountry BeadWorks, and I'll be spending tomorrow scanning in and listing craft books.  Once those are in it'll be time to bag, tag and list the unbelievable amount of destash supplies.

And away we go.  More later, as always -


  1. Wow - your new beads are wonderful.

  2. I would think I had died and gone to heaven to find all those cabs and beads locally. I did find a man up in the mountains outside Fresno who will cut cabs to order. Other than that, it's strictly online or shows. Lucky you.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys - and yes, the Southwest is one big bowl of riches when it comes to rock and bead shops - which is why I limit myself to once every two years or so for this kind of spree!

  4. I had to pause several times while reading your post in order to wipe the drool off my chin...:>]]

    Looking forward to your *destash* list!

  5. Well, thanks for all the good leads to shops in Albuquerque, Morwyn! Next time I'm up there, I will know where to look.

    Your haul of goodies is wonderful!

    Kathy V in NM

  6. @ KV - I didn't get to all of the ones in town (there are about 6 more) - I just went to the ones I like the best!


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