Need Me Some Bead Money

I've take $100 off the price of each of my bead embroidered cuffs - I gotta be outta my mind.

UPDATE:  Along a Path of Wine Dark Tears has been sold!!
The sale page is here: Spring Sale

And many thanks to Beth Stein Design who featured one of my Multiplicity bracelets in a treasury on Etsy - I have a heck of a time doing screen captures on treasuries - I guess my screen just isn't big enough to get the whole thing - but I'll give it a shot here. 

Hey!  That's not bad!!

More later, as always!


  1. These are lovely and very reasonably priced. I wish I could afford one. good luck. Your work is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Jan - you know what they say - beaders can't afford their own work!! And it's TRUE!!!


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