Looking Forward to Time Off

Santa Fe Skies Remix - Steel Edition
I'm currently working on two more angel boxes.  I need the coming days off to do some critical thinking and work on art projects that have been waiting for me for several years - artist trading cards, Japanese bound books, fiber beads.  I was storing our winter clothes a few weeks ago and found three huge boxes full of old fiber arts projects and my hoard of paper ephemera.  I'd like to spend some time thumbing through it all, remembering what I wanted to do with those mad little bits, and remembering who I was when I had those ideas.  

Oh, and get back to writing that tutorial for the Multiplicity bracelet.

Cheers, and more later - as always.


Need Me Some Bead Money

I've take $100 off the price of each of my bead embroidered cuffs - I gotta be outta my mind.

UPDATE:  Along a Path of Wine Dark Tears has been sold!!
The sale page is here: Spring Sale

And many thanks to Beth Stein Design who featured one of my Multiplicity bracelets in a treasury on Etsy - I have a heck of a time doing screen captures on treasuries - I guess my screen just isn't big enough to get the whole thing - but I'll give it a shot here. 

Hey!  That's not bad!!

More later, as always!


I'd Love To Chat, But . . .

Santa Fe Skies Remixed, Ivory and Matte Black editions.  I've only got a few hours left to work today, so I need to get back to it.

More later, as always!


First of Three Earth Angels

I've been a little jammed up for time lately - the day job has developed an intensity of late.  I found myself working on several Multiplicity bracelets at the same time, incorporating these lampwork lentils I picked up from West of the Moon Art Glass, back when they had a presence on Etsy.  I miss them.
More later, as always.