One For Me

I love these colors and finishes.  Once I had it assembled, I realized no one could possibly appreciate it as much as I and there was a space just the right size in the bracelet box so - who am I to fight Fate?

I placed an order last week with Charlene's Beads - I wanted to fulfill part of a dream of mine and yet stay in my budget - I ordered one of every color of opaque seeds in size 11.

To stay in budget, I only got the 5 gram tubes, but when I'm designing a piece, I'll have the color right there where I can eyeball it.  One day I shall have a workable sample of each and every color and finish and size and shape the Japanese have to offer.  Looking at my stash, you'd wonder that this is not yet the case.

Receipt of that little bundle made me realize it's been over three months since I'd gone through all of it, sorting and straightening, and so my one day off was devoted to maintenance rather than creating. Naturally, the danger there is that as I was setting the beads to rights, I'd have to stop far too often to sketch out all the ideas the colors and finishes and shapes would provoke.  I ran out of time and have been piecemealing the rest of the job in the odd spare moment.  Just about done now.

And Oh Boy.  The mail just came in and with it a book:
And wow - it is probably the most visually arresting book on beadwork I've seen in a very long time.  Such a treat.  If you have a sec you should check out Ms. Gilbert's website HERE.

More later, as always.


  1. WOWZER. Don't tell me where you live cuz your stash will go missing! Good on ya for staying "on budget"...I've never done that with beads.

    p.s. looks like your cat is really helpful :>]]

  2. I just received Beaded Colorways this week too - what a gorgeous book! I am yet to try freeform work so can't wait to get started!

  3. @ Sweetpea - Carmen has several jobs; she's pictured here 'stealth guarding' the stash. One assumes she's sleeping, but she's actually in a sacred trance, gathering her holy powers.

    @ RbR - a word of caution; once you get into freeform, you'll find it's wildly addictive. BEAD SOUPS FOR ALL!!

  4. Morwyn, remember how I wrote you long ago asking for book recommendations on learning to do freeform on objects? Would you say this is another book that would be helpful for me in that regard???

    Thanks much, Bead Guru :>]]

  5. Just received my book also. Perfect timing as I'm doing a class on color selection for our Bead Society this weekend. Your stash is truly droolworthy. Mmmmmm!

  6. @Sweetpea - Yes yes yes - loads of interesting techniques in here; easy enough to adapt to covering objects.

    @Arline - I am really enjoying this book - particularly the chapters on observing color and mixing bead soups.

  7. Great post, Morwyn -- and I think you well deserve keeping this one for yourself!

    Kathy V in NM


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