La Mer

Added more spacers on this one and shortened the fingerling (bead crochet element) on this one.  I had some problems during the assembly - at first I used a silver colored wire but it looked AWFUL.  I replaced it with a soft brass instead.  Once i had it assembled, I realized it was much too large so I chose to shorten the fingerling.  What I really like about this design, aside from the chance to color play and muck about with multiple techniques, is that it is so adaptable.

I need to find a brighter silver wire, though.  Maybe Color Craft or Artistic Wire has a nice, bright silver in the gauges I like.

More later, as always!


  1. What gauge of wire are you using, Morwyn?

    Kathy V in NM

  2. Now you are talking my colors, Morwyn. Just beautiful!

  3. @ KV - I use a variety of gauges, mainly 18, 20 and 24.

    @ abeadlady - my best pal has been bugging me to use more blues and purples - I forgot how restful it is to work with that side of the color wheel.

  4. I have some bright non-tarnish silver in those gauges, and I also have a 16 German silver wire with copper core.

  5. @TheJadeDog - are they in your JadeDogBeads Etsy shop or on your website?

  6. This is just beautiful. I've done bead crochet ropes before and love them. Did you run a wire all the way through to attach the other items?

    Beautiful work!

  7. @ Alice: I tried that, but it reduced the flexibility of the piece; I wired the ends.


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