Moss Creek - a Multiplicity bracelet

I think after about a dozen more of these, I will have worked this design out of my system.  Can you tell my camera batteries started to fail as I got to the last picture?

I went through my past work portfolio and realized this is a trend with me - falling in love with a design and making it over and over, each time with subtle variations - exploring every facet of that design until I feel my sense of completion.  Then I feel released, then I'm able to move on.

This is my eighth Multiplicity bracelet.  They've all used matte metallic beads as the starting point.  I think it's time to explore something with a bit more sparkle.

And A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who voted in my little exploratory poll.  Decisions have been made thanks to you, and yes - I am working on a downloadable pattern.  I do have a day job as well as jewelry to produce, so it may take a while, but it will get done.  (Thanks, Bead Nerd, for the advice - you didn't know it, but you wrote this post directly to me).

More later, as I can't seem to stop myself.


Saturated Berries

I thought I was done with this design, but apparently it's not done with me.  And there's yet another in the traveling bead box slowly taking shape.
I thought I was going to do some freeform bracelets.  There I go, thinking again.

More later, as always.


One For Me

I love these colors and finishes.  Once I had it assembled, I realized no one could possibly appreciate it as much as I and there was a space just the right size in the bracelet box so - who am I to fight Fate?

I placed an order last week with Charlene's Beads - I wanted to fulfill part of a dream of mine and yet stay in my budget - I ordered one of every color of opaque seeds in size 11.

To stay in budget, I only got the 5 gram tubes, but when I'm designing a piece, I'll have the color right there where I can eyeball it.  One day I shall have a workable sample of each and every color and finish and size and shape the Japanese have to offer.  Looking at my stash, you'd wonder that this is not yet the case.

Receipt of that little bundle made me realize it's been over three months since I'd gone through all of it, sorting and straightening, and so my one day off was devoted to maintenance rather than creating. Naturally, the danger there is that as I was setting the beads to rights, I'd have to stop far too often to sketch out all the ideas the colors and finishes and shapes would provoke.  I ran out of time and have been piecemealing the rest of the job in the odd spare moment.  Just about done now.

And Oh Boy.  The mail just came in and with it a book:
And wow - it is probably the most visually arresting book on beadwork I've seen in a very long time.  Such a treat.  If you have a sec you should check out Ms. Gilbert's website HERE.

More later, as always.


La Mer

Added more spacers on this one and shortened the fingerling (bead crochet element) on this one.  I had some problems during the assembly - at first I used a silver colored wire but it looked AWFUL.  I replaced it with a soft brass instead.  Once i had it assembled, I realized it was much too large so I chose to shorten the fingerling.  What I really like about this design, aside from the chance to color play and muck about with multiple techniques, is that it is so adaptable.

I need to find a brighter silver wire, though.  Maybe Color Craft or Artistic Wire has a nice, bright silver in the gauges I like.

More later, as always!


Cactus Garden

Refining the process, experimenting with beaded bead variations, creating copper wire "bird nest" spacers - each one of these teaches me something new.

More later, as always.


The Garden of Dawn

I'm working on perfecting the design - making some changes to the beaded beads, having way too much fun rooting around the stash and creating color combinations, working with multiple techniques - More later, as always.


Floating in the River of Time

Now with this out of the way, I can get rolling with my new bracelet design - More later, as always.