I Need to Get to Work

I've had tons of fun farting around with the Beaded ArtVenture, but it's time I got back to work and make some new pieces for the Etsy shop. To that end, I'm working on another series of treasure boxes - but more on those later.

I have a basket filled with reclaimed, salvaged bead work - one of which was a favorite bracelet of mine.

I took this fringe bracelet apart last week - the problem with it was that I had used some non-permanent finish metallic beads that turned either red or green after a few years of wear. When I rebuilt it, I used much lighter base beads to give it a more cheerful feel. I think the result was well worth the time involved for the re-do:

When one is beadminded, one receives a lot of interesting stuff on giftish occasions - I usually get books. I got this one:

and I'm really enjoying it. The first time I saw Rachel Nelson-Smith's "Ootheca" bracelet I was fascinated - I've enjoyed learning her technique. I made one of these for myself, but for some reason it didn't sit comfortably on my wrist. I took it apart, made two bracelets out of the one and developed a closure for it that works very, very well. Pictures of those next time, along with a new treasure box or two.


  1. Morwyn, love the bracelet redo! And I'm so excited to learn that you're making more treasure boxes...there may be a prezzie for me in your future :>]] YAY!!

  2. Thought I'd plug the instructions for that bracelet. They can be found at http://thejadedog.com/detail.asp?cat=13&sub=20&id=87

    :) D

  3. Right you are, Darcy - and if I decide to post it for sale you can be sure I'll add the attribution!


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