When I was a kid, back in the 50's, I had this little beaded necklace - the strap was a daisy chain and the pendant a little peyote stitched figure made to resemble a Native American in full dance regalia - headdress and all. I loved it. I can't imagine where it is now - gone like so many of my childhood memories. The older I get, the more I realize I've lost.

My learning objective with this project was to suss out a way to recapture a bit of that childhood memory. I may have achieved that goal, in spite of the problems I've had with this one. First off, I have no idea why it has to be done in odd count tubular peyote. I find it hard to keep track of the number of rows I've done, and it's tedious to keep going back to count them up. I chose my colors using the face bead as my guide, and they were much too muddy. And I don't care at all for face beads. They define a piece in much too narrow a set of terms.

When I made my art dolls, the selection of the heart shaped gemstones for their faces was deliberate. When you hold one of my dolls and look at their faces in just the right light, you see your own face reflected there. When I made my beaded journal, each page contains a representational figure of myself, not an actual depiction. It gives more of a sense of universality to things. I'm having trouble explaining myself and for that I do apologize.

Personal Opinion Alert:
I really don't care for jewelry with human faces. I've seen those "amulet bags" that look like beaded doilies folded in half with a doll's head stuck on top. GAH! I think they are hideous. I don't much care for cameos, either. Moon faces and sun faces I can deal with, but wearing a human head around your neck or pinned to your clothing strikes me as, well, disturbing. And creepy.

So I made the "Mortimer the Figure Pin" and must confess. I haven't made anything this ugly in a very long time.
I dislike everything about this - from concept to color. I gave it a mullet to try and lighten it up, but it's still a nightmare. I've taken it apart. Normally I keep my practice pieces, but honestly - the lessons learned with this aren't worth the beads I'd be wasting by not recycling it.

I figure if I substitute glass pearls for the hands, feet and head, use just one color for the whole body and make the arms, legs and torso from shorter even count peyote tubes I just might have something more interesting. We'll see.

Next time: Project Six My Way.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh this afternoon, Morwyn! Great post.

    And is there any reason your figure has to have a face at all?

    Kathy V in NM

  2. You're welcome! And as to faces, that's why I've opted for the smooth glass pearls! ;)

  3. What a great laugh I had reading your post. I, too, dislike faces and eyes - just can't do it. Although, last year I did decide to start drawing and started with my cats' eyes. I love drawing them but no thanks in beading, etc.

    Love your beadwork.


  4. I think I have in my possession the necklace of which you speak.

  5. @ TheJadeDog - if find it, could you send me a photo of it? That would be AWESOME.

    @ DeeD - Thanks!


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