Working on Project Three

Project Three being "Electric Blues Amulet Bag" designed by Kathy Robin, from the book, Creative Bead Weaving (Carol Wilcox Wells), pp. 40-45.  Going through the materials list, looks like I can substitute all of the accent beads for things I have on hand.  But . . . cylinder beads.  Again.

This is my second try at coming up with a color combination.  The first one was so bad I ditched it faster than I could record it for posterity.  I want to remember my mistakes - that's how I learn.

This is turning out to be a much bigger headache than I anticipated - primarily because it's those freakin' teeny cylinder beads again. I don't have anything like enough of one color for this project, and it's taken me three tries to be happy with the solution I'm settling on. Which wasted my entire day off.

I really like this combination - has a sort of winter tweed feel to it.  Of course it means I'm tossing out the charted pattern, but I am keeping to the shape of the design. 

In the materials list, it says "cardboard tube."  As I started the beading I really tried using one, but it felt so clumsy, I decided just to use my fingers instead. 

I know I was supposed to finish making the body of the bag first, but I was so curious as to how the mechanics of making the bottom of the bag would work that I went ahead and did that.  And it was interesting.  It certainly broke up the monotony of doing the tubular peyote part.  By tomorrow I can move on to the next technique - uneven flat peyote with decreases.  Should be a challenge.

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  1. Methinks your color combination is going to work better anyhow in this design . . .

    Kathy V in NM


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