Still Working on Project Three

I opted to work on the flap separately - it was easier to manipulate the piece what with the decreases and putting in the 'window.'

This is a shot of the front with the flap open.  I started the strap as I attached the flap to the body.

And this is the back view.  Kathy Robin's pattern has a "window" in the back, but I thought - what would be the point of that?   And as I look at the one on the flap, it looks like a buttonhole to me.  Next thing I know, the box of vintage buttons calls to me . . . 
I'm looking over the directions for the strap and I don't think it's going to work for me.  More adaptation ahead - but the fringe!  This pattern calls for THREE ROWS of fringe!  If I didn't know fringe technique before, I sure will by the time this is done. 

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