Project Three Complete

Momma's Sunday Suit
When I finished this today I sat back and looked at it and was completely taken by surprise.  It reminds me very strongly of my mother's favorite church-goin' wool suit.  Salt and pepper tweed with fancy buttons.

I guess I ended up doing this my way after all, with the exception of the seed bead type.  I really would have used seed beads instead of cylinder beads.  One of the lessons I learned from this is that tubular peyote with cylinders results in a very stiff structure, and I prefer a much more supple weaving.  I also got lots of practice making uneven flat peyote and fringe.
How I changed the pattern:  I used a mix of colors instead of solid blocks of color.  I left out the "window" in the back of the body of the bag.  I decided to use the front window as a buttonhole and used a vintage button for a closure (Kathy's pattern uses the window as a decorative accent).

Instead of splitting the strap and connecting the halves with bicone crystals, I worked short pieces of uneven flat peyote and connected them with Picasso jasper cubes.  I was running very low on the beads after I finished the fringe and decided to finish the strap with chain and give it a toggle clasp (Kathy's pattern has a continuous strap with no closure).
So with this one, I'm gonna call it good.  One's enough.  But it DID confirm my opinion of cylinder beads.  And whenever a pattern calls for them, I'm going to do my dead level best to substitute seed beads.

Next time:  Maui Evening Purse (massively modified)!


  1. This is stunning! Love it.

  2. This turned out great!!! Really enjoying the work you are doing and it prompted me to get out my zulu book and try out a pattern. I thank-you for the inspiration!
    Cheers, Denise


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