Beaded ArtVenture; Project Four: The Early Days

We're still plowing our way through Carol Wilcox Wells' book, "Creative Bead Weaving."  This time, I'm going to attempt the Maui Evening Purse, designed by Catherine Harris (pp. 46 - 49).  I've read through the directions and I'm going to do this one my way right out of the gate.
I'll be changing the colors, using my own chart, leaving off the flap and the loopy fringe, swapping out the fiber cord for leather lacing and attaching the cord to the outside of the bag instead of inside, lining it and giving it an interior snap closure. 
Basically, I'm keeping the dimensions and the techniques.  
The materials list includes size 11 seed beads - YAY!!!!.  I won't need the accent beads since I'm not doing the looped fringe but I will need some size 3 seeds for the strap.  Cardboard tube - hmm.  I didn't use one with the last project, but this one is much larger in diameter so I'll give it a shot again.  For my variation, I'm also going to need a big snap and some lining fabric.
The techniques include even count tubular peyote and odd count flat peyote.  Since I'm not doing the flap, I won't be decreasing, but I got plenty of practice on that with Project Three.  They don't call reading a chart a technique, but I think that's a skill, too, and I'd like to work on that.  Not only reading a chart, but creating one, too.
After a few years of "test-driving" the software, I resolved to get serious about creating my own charts and I purchased the program.  It's BeadTool 4, and it is AWESOME.  I spent a few days trying to chart my design with bead graph paper and colored pencils, wasting a lot of time and not being able to read my own pattern.  With the BeadTool I had exactly what I wanted within an hour.   I couldn't be more delighted.

Now, this doesn't really reflect what I'm actually going to do as far as the colors go, but I know what I'm up to and that's what matters.  Finally I can get down to the beading!


  1. Well, I think you have convinced me that BeadTool will be a great program to own, too.

    Can't wait to see what you do to that project!

    Kathy V in NM


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