Project One - My Way

For every project that I attempt during my ArtVenture, I'll be creating my own variation on the theme - and so here's my version of the Beaded Barrette.

I don't know about other beaders, but I always have one heck of a time trying to estimate how many beads I'm going to need for a project.  Being neither a drug dealer nor pro bead seller (insert your own joke there), I don't have access to a little calibrated scale that I can use to measure out a gram of something.  So I never really know until I'm deep into beading if I have enough of a particular color or size on hand.  This is one of the many, MANY reasons I love free form peyote.  Don't have to over-think things.

With free form, I just round up a bunch of beads I really like, throw them all in a dish to see if they play well together, and then go for it.  One of the interesting challenges with making a free form barrette is making sure the piece will be light enough.  Have to stick with smaller, less ornate beads.  It'd be a drag to invest a lot of time just to end up with a barrette that slips down from its own weight.

I have always loved Picasso jasper, and I had some small rounds and cubes in the stash.  My prototypes usually end up in my jewelry box, so I go with my main favs.  After about two hours of beading, here it is.
Shades of the Deep

My friend (and professional artist) TJ says most of my free form peyote looks like how she imagines dry riverbeds in Faery must appear.  I like that description.  I wore the barrette all day; it's lightweight and comfortable.  And it looks great in old lady hair, too.

I'm still having fun, and I hope you are, too.  Next time:  The Small Beaded Bead Lariat


  1. Love it! I'm glad you posted a pic of you wearing it- I thought the barrette had a much larger base.

    :) D

    (P.S. Your blog was the top referrer today to my blog with 9 hits!)

  2. I am enjoying these series of posts and I am so glad that I found your blog. I agree with Darcy. Posting a pic of you wearing the piece is the perfect way to show the size. I love the effect on your silver hair.

  3. Sooo, you are doing not only one of each project, you are doing TWO?!?!? WOWZER, Morwyn. Gotta admit, sure do like YOUR version of the barrette...looks great in your hair and I love seeing the actual size!

  4. This is great fun, Morwyn! The barrette looks terrific . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  5. That's gorgeous, almost makes me wish I had long hair! I can't awit to see your next pieces.


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