Post #299 - Catching Up & Clearing the Decks, Parts 1 & 2

Everything is going slower than I'd like, so rather than wait until this post (and what that entails) is all tied up with a bow, I'll report on the state of things around the studio at the moment. I'm working with a slight handicap this week. I managed to make mincemeat out of the tips of the fingers on my left hand. Suffice it to say, typing - and beading - are a much larger adventure than ever intended. I've made progress; I can actually see the corners and edges of my worktable.


I had finished all the beadwork quite some time ago, but was puttering along on the shadowbox.


The right angle weave practice piece turned into a nice little business card case.


The rebuild on my little broken bracelet is complete.


I haven't done any loomed bead work in a long time and decided I needed to practice - I have an idea for some eyeglass cases - so I worked up this chunk. It became a (not very good) bracelet that I've taken to wearing all the time. In the beading process I worked out all my mistakes, and also decided I'd rather try square stitch than loomwork for the project I have in mind.

EDIT: Had to bring things up to date but I'm not ready for Post #300 yet, so here we go.


Darcy (The Jade Dog) sent me some of her handformed rings for chainmaille, and I put together this somewhat simplified version of the Rondo a la Byzantine pattern. It's also my first shot at oxidizing metal. It turned out pretty cool.


Techniques here are bead crochet and stringing. I used lampworked beads from three different makers - the center focal bead is from Canyon Echoes, the large spacer beads are from Scotty Beads, and the smaller spacer beads are from Studio Rent. This looks great with a black cowboy shirt.


I had to shelve my plans for the mixed media cuff - I couldn't find several of the elements I wanted for it, but as I was storing some of the bits I had collected, I realized they'd work up nicely into a fringe bracelet. I haven't made one of these in over a year - I'd forgotten how much fun they are to work up. And those 3mm Swarovski pearls I got from Artbeads are peeking out here and there - the subtle sheen of the colors add just the right touch.

*I have received the products free of charge from ArtBeads and I am honestly reviewing the products and have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received.*

6 October: Here we are again, up to date. Still on the docket are that bracelet box lid bead embroidery and yet another pony - I found it half finished in a forgotten swag bag, along with a cache of lampwork beads and another partially worked bead crochet rope. The more I think about it, the more I realize I'd rather move on to My Next Phase than finish the pony, do something with all those lampwork beads or finish the rope, so I'm putting all my concentration on completing the bracelet box.

Seems like it never ends. Or at least, I hope not.

And remember, Post #300 (and the Big Drawing for a Prize) cannot be far away now, so


Oh, and one more thing - do any of the readers of this blog have any opinions on the selling venues of Art Fire or 1000 Markets? Let me know what you think!


  1. Well I certainly hope you are taking it a bit easy, dear Morwyn. Those damaged fingertips don't sound like a lot of fun at all!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. awesome work as always...glad to hear your fingers are better now!

  3. @ KV: I think I'm constitutionally incapable of taking it easy. But time manages to heal all - well, time and NewSkin (liquid bandage).

    @ Bobbi: Thanks!!

  4. I have never heard of ArtFire or 1000 Markets. But then Etsy did not do well for me either. I am more of an art show girl, I like meeting in person the woman that is going to wear my jewelry.
    I always love stopping in to see what you have created!
    Take care of yourself.


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