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The current work in progress is inching along verrrrryyy slowly. But at last I have a new picture to share.

Here's a shot of my beach glass freeform wirewrapped bracelet:
I really love this - I wear it all the time. It's gotten quite a few compliments.

EDIT: I forgot to stuff this in - I've been reading, and enjoying, this blog: Callin' Out On Etsy. I'm glad SOMEONE is watchdogging - clearly the administration at Etsy is unable (for whatever reason) to do the heavy lifting - there are so many jewelry makers on the site, it makes it even that much harder to reach an audience when you have resellers posting crap from Indonesia at ridiculous prices. Consumers are easily distracted by the shinyshinycheapcheap (I know I am). And the same holds true for other crafters - woodworkers, potters, and so on.

So now we're only four posts away (counting this one) from celebrating my 300th post, a giveaway (or two) and a course correction. Once again, I bid you to

(good thing there's only four more to go - I'm running out of appropriately themed fine art posters)


  1. Those themed fine art posters have been wonderful!

    But you are making my fingers itch with all the glorious things you are doing with those bits of glass!!!

    Awesome work, Morwyn . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I love that bracelet! It's like amber - the glass turned out so well. Alas, the brown beer glass I thought I had wasn't brown - it was clear with brown beer in it. Now I will have to go hunting for brown glass!
    I'm also thinking colbalt!
    Cheers, Denise

  3. @ KV: Thanks, as always, for the kind words!

    @ Denise: Cobalt would be AWESOME!!!

  4. THanks for the etsy blog link. Very interesting!

    I love this bracelet box so much. The colors are stunning!!!


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