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That's right. I've succumbed to the most pervasive way ever invented to waste my time and not do any beading. I spent the whole day over there setting up some photo albums, digging up all my old jewelry scans and whatnot. If you'd like to "friend" me (what hideous grammar) - you can find me by searching with my email address: AnotherCountry@q.com

I really am crap with social networking, so forgive me if I don't respond right away!

That brings us one more post closer to the Big Three Oh Oh - I hope you will


  1. Oh boy, I'm gonna run right over there and **friend** ya! Morwyn, I feel your pain about F'book. I had it once. But pain is gone now and I am really having fun with it - and I do limit myself. Many of my beady friends have also (or previously) succumbed. It has turned out to be quite an interesting way to "stay in touch"...although highly impersonal for the most part. oh boy, that sounds weird, but anyways, WELCOME TO OUR WORLD bead friend!!

  2. Thanks, Christi! Somehow, I feel like I'm about to fall down the rabbit hole here, but what the heck.

  3. Yep, that FB thing sure is something else. My kids all bugged me forever to start using it. If it wasn't for my book, I don't think I would ever have done it. But it can be a lot of fun and certainly provides an avenue for lots and lots of contacts.

    Kathy V in NM

  4. It sure has been an eye-opener for me.


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