Facebook, The Day Job, A Memory & Some Progress (Post #297)

CALLING OUT MY OWN BRAIN BURP: If you came to my Facebook page and wanted to "friend" me (I shudder at the grammar there every time) and I didn't respond (or worse - ignored you) please try again! I'm still finding my way around and I hit all the wrong buttons during my first few days - it took me three days to see where the Inbox was!

WHY I LOVE MY USED BOOKSTORE: Yesterday morning a fellow beader brought some of her beading books in to Bird Song to sell. I couldn't believe how many there were, what great condition they were in, and how she could bring herself to sell them. Still, I'm glad she brought them to us.
Here's the link to the bookstore blog, wherein I have posted The Haul.

I have a box of personal pieces that need some repair - I made this piece almost 15 years ago with absolutely no idea what I was doing.  The thread has broken in several places, some of the beads have broken - I've beaten it up pretty good.  I was all set to do some repair when I realized the thread - some bargain bin sewing thread - had rotted almost all through it.  I decided to take it apart completely and rebuild it.  I had to take a picture, though, to remember it - and it will be interesting to contrast what it becomes with what it once was.
PROGRESS ON THE BRACELET BOX LID:   As of this morning, here's where I'm at:

REMEMBER: Keep watching this space! Post #300 is just around the corner!


  1. Those books certainly are a terrific windfall! The bracelet box top is so beautiful, Morwyn -- and you are only half done!

    I bookmarked the blog for your bookstore and also referred a shop owner up in Ruidoso to you.

    And the Facebook thing is so opposite the way we communicate on our blogs -- just takes some time to get used to . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. Too funny about facebook -- I have an account (is that what you call it? or page? hmm, not sure) but very rarely get over there. I made the mistake of 'accepting' an old boyfriend from high school and now I feel like I'm being stalked! Every time I go on and have these silly pokes and hugs, etc. yikes.

    I'm looking forward to your reworked bracelet!

  3. Actually this is about my 6th or 7th try to deal with Facebook - I'm trying again because this is about the only way I can think of to keep up with what my (adult) children are doing - I still don't get the farming and poking and whatnot.


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