My Etsy-versary Is Tomorrow,

But today is Caturday.

This is Montag - just possibly the greatest love/hate relationship I've ever known.

The work on Containment No. 8 continues -

And I feel like I should have finished this days ago. Here's an interesting co-inky-dink. Asa's laptop battery died last week. No big deal - he usually plugs it in anyway. Now the phones' batteries are crapping out. They normally hold a charge for 10+ hours but that's about half now so they need replacing. We climbed into our truck this morning for our usual Saturday morning errands and . . . poop. The battery was dead. I guess we were on borrowed time there anyway, as it was about 2 years past its warranty.

But it makes you think. Maybe its something cosmic, some weird force surrounding my life that's got me personally stalled out as well. If only I were as easy to fix as the laptop, the phones and the truck.

Like I said, it is my Etsy-Versary Number Three tomorrow. I couldn't think of any suitable way to celebrate, really. BUT. I have another milestone coming up.

This is Blog Post #287. I think it's about time I did a Random Drawing Giveaway - to commemorate my 300th blog post. Details as we get closer - but here's what's up for grabs:

Stay tuned!

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