Go Big or Stay Home.

WIP: Eos at the Northern Steppe

It's coming together beautifully. My favorite working lamp broke this morning - argh. Well, maybe this is the jolt I needed to break down and get an Ott.

Any of you guys out there have an Ott Light? Do you like it? Is there another kind of light you'd recommend?


  1. I love Ott lights. I have both table and floor styles. Makes my beading soooo much easier.

  2. I love Ott lights too, but find that the generic full-spectrum bulbs (that look exactly the same but cost 4x less) work just as well.

  3. Any true-light or daylight bulb works for a fraction of the price. But you know me...half the time I work in the dark :)

    I love what you are doing with the agates!

    You are never logged in to IM...did you get my message about The Crafts Report???

  4. Morwyn, I couldn't possibly do any beading, knitting, or crochet without my Ott lights!!! We own three (I gave my husband one for Christmas last year and he loves his, too) and cannot imagine living without them.

    Kathy V in NM (watch for 50% off sales at JoAnn Fabrics)

  5. Beautiful work on this piece, Morwyn!

    I'm casting my vote for an Ott as well. What I've found the MOST beneficial is that I can work comfortably lit by an Ott light (or two) for many more hours than the standard lights I own - they just don't seem to tire my eyes to the same degree. Lots of online specials around these days (I'm especially fond of my floor lamp model with the gooseneck/adjustable head). Please let us know if you *indulge* yourself!

  6. Thanks for all the input, guys! Much appreciated! Asa duct-taped my old full-spectrum lamp back together, so I have some time to shop around.

  7. I have an Ott light, which for my older eyes is a must. Mine is a table one, I have found that I really should have bought a floor lamp (with a goose neck) because I don't always sit right at a table to bead.


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