Etsyversary Come and Gone

I marked it by finishing and listing my latest treasure box:

"Stepping Into The Light."

For some weird reason, I have right angle weave on the brain. I have this idea for a pendant . . .


  1. I believe my Etsy-versary came and went without any fanfare. Etsy is dead to me.

  2. Marvelous piece, Morwyn!

    Kathy V in NM

  3. @ thejadedog - are you making sales from your website? if i could find a less crowded sales venue, i'd shed etsy in a heartbeat.

    @ KV - Thanks!

  4. Glad I checked in today to see this box finished.. WOW! It's totally awesome. I also really like No. 7 - Nefertiri's Treasure Box! I'm not as regular a visitor as I'd like to be, so I'm not sure if you have posted about how you make the boxes... or are they ready-made... or is that a secret? They look very professional and neat... perfect background to your beading. I'm going to your etsy shop next. Hugs, Robin

  5. Hey Robin! About the boxes - they were one of those incredible serendipitous finds - I came across a cache of them at a local thrift shop, a donation from a sports shop that decided to discontinue their watches. The minute I saw them I knew what had to be done, and I'm still doing it!


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