Containment No. 9 Completed

The Desert Twins

Now I'm wrestling with the right angle weave. I don't know why this is so tricky for me - I'm having sixteen kindsa trouble with it. I've mastered bead crochet, bead embroidery and peyote stitch, and I am absolutely determined to master this.

Almost forgot - yesterday was Caturday - so

Carmen is neither Muse nor Nemsis. Carmen simply Is. She's a calculating cat and a stone killer by nature. Luckily she likes Montag. And us.


  1. RAW has made me cry more than once. I think I kinda sorta have it now, but oh, I feel your pain on this.

    I love love love your Containment series. And Carmen. Carmen is my kind of cat. :-)

  2. First, this last containment box is totally awesome, Morwyn!!!

    Try being left-handed and learning to do RAW -- but I did and have made some really nice pieces for gifts. Even so, I have to stop and think for quite a while whenever I use this method of beading.

    And I adore your cats . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. I haven't tried RAW yet!

    Desert Twins is awesome! I especially love the diagonal band of of beads ... it reminds me of Aboriginal paintings in a way :-)


  4. This is one of my favorites so far Morwyn! What a stroke of good fortune for you to have found the jewelry boxes too. These make my pitiful attempts at Altoids tins look like grade school.
    Do you use a picot around the edges? Maybe I'm beading onto the wrong surface by using peltex, too.
    Oh well, you give me something to strive for.

  5. I love the latest box!!! It's so warm and inviting - they are hands down my favourite colour!
    As to RAW - it's frustrating, annoying and downright irritating! I need to try again, as my daughter says, get out of my comfort zones!
    Cheers, Denise

  6. Thanks, everyone! I got some great advice on RAW from Darcy, The Jade Dog, which is the subject for a whole other post.
    @ Delta; I finish my edges with a really simple whipstitch - and if you can tell me how to get paint to stick on an Altoid tin, I'll be forever in your debt!

  7. Sand it lightly to give it some 'tooth' then use enamel spray paint on it. I usually give it a very thin coat of gel medium after that and then use whatever acrylic paints I want, with a final spray of clear sealer. The only place I've ever had flake off was the little bumps that hold the lid closed, and that's more wear than flaking. My studio mate has good luck even with skipping the enamel first coat but I'm not that adventurous yet.
    If you use a light colored enamel, be aware it won't have full coverage over the original writing, but the acrylic layer will take care of the show-through.

  8. @ Delta: Thanks!! I'll give it a go - maybe now I can do something with that banker's box filled with tins! Yay!!


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