Slooooooow Goin'

I have covered over half of this wristband with beads no less than 4 times, being very unhappy with the overall look. I had to get my head in the game and knuckle down - one more rip-out and the interfacing would disintegrate.

So I did.

Getting the feel of steam punk is much harder than you think, for when someone does it wrong, it's usually horridly wrong - just google steampunk jewelry to find multiple examples of the bad stuff. But when they get it right, it is elegance itself - check out Aranwen on Etsy to see what I mean.

But I digress. I should have Asa's wristband completed by the end of the day tomorrow; then the Next Big Project begins.

Slowly I am coming to an understanding of the Secrets of Rusty Things.


  1. Morwyn, I have always enjoyed reading about how you problem-solve and I so appreciate that you post about your working process. I like the way you challenge yourself with new directions and then figure out a way through it. I have every confidence in you that this wristband will evolve like your other pieces...becoming even more SPLENDIFEROUS in the end than it is at this moment. Asa's lucky!


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