Contaiment No. 3 Work In Progress

And the crazy thing is, even as I come to the end of the Paiute stones, I've already found the theme for the next four boxes . . . and I can't wait to get going with them!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! What kind of boxes are you using as a base? I love that they can be on the diagonal too!

  2. @Delta; I found a substantial cache of these jewelry boxes at a thrift store! They are suede-cloth covered plastic boxes - I think they were originally for sports watches, I'm not sure. According to the manager of the thrift store, a jewelry store donated them - so they're brand new. Cool, huh? This is why I go to thrift stores - ya never know what you're going to find that just cries out to be beaded, be it a My Little Pony doll, a glass vase or a jewelry box!

  3. HAHAHA....You're preaching to the crowd! My last haul was a bunch of white linen blouses for 50 cents each. I paint them and I've made as much off of sales from those as I have everything else this year! I also buy leather purses for 50 cents each and use them for the backing on some of my beading.


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