Contaiment No. 3 Work In Progress

And the crazy thing is, even as I come to the end of the Paiute stones, I've already found the theme for the next four boxes . . . and I can't wait to get going with them!


Containment Continues

Containment No. 2 is finished and available at my Etsy shop. I'm enjoying working on this series so much - it's addictive.

I start with my focal beads, then work everything else in an improvisational way - so my final product is as much a surprise to me as I hope it's a delight to view.


Summer Clearance

These and much. much more can be seen here at my 'Buy One Get One Half Off SALE!' in my Etsy shop right now. 50 items are being offered, so check it out!! If you're in the neighborhood, you can see them in person at Bird Song Used Books - come on down!

P.S. I've added almost 4 dozen more items that won't be offered through Etsy!


Containment Begins

Having some trouble with my camera - this is a not-too-great scan of the first in my series of beaded containers. Better pictures and more info are up at the Etsy listing HERE.


AeroAsa In For A Landing

I don't know how close I came to the Steam Punk aesthetic, but Asa likes it and that's what counts.

Now - on to the next project, working title:


Slooooooow Goin'

I have covered over half of this wristband with beads no less than 4 times, being very unhappy with the overall look. I had to get my head in the game and knuckle down - one more rip-out and the interfacing would disintegrate.

So I did.

Getting the feel of steam punk is much harder than you think, for when someone does it wrong, it's usually horridly wrong - just google steampunk jewelry to find multiple examples of the bad stuff. But when they get it right, it is elegance itself - check out Aranwen on Etsy to see what I mean.

But I digress. I should have Asa's wristband completed by the end of the day tomorrow; then the Next Big Project begins.

Slowly I am coming to an understanding of the Secrets of Rusty Things.


One Ends, Another Begins

Desert Study No. 2 is now complete. I backed it with cream colored Ultrasuede and gave it a bright copper slide closure.

That being done, Asa (my partner-turned-husband) asked me to make a cuff for him. He particularly liked some gorgeous ceramic beads I found at Mama's Minerals last month. He's developed a deep admiration for the look and feel of all things steampunk so my problem was this: How to adapt the steampunk aesthetic to bead embroidery. Here's what I've come up with so far:

AeroAsa Stage 1

AeroAsa Stage 2

I'm not sure where this is going just yet, but I like it.

Ooo - BTW, today's guest post over at the Colour Lover's Blog is so good, I'm printing it out and pasting it in my workbook. Great advice.