Odds, Ends, and Progress

First off, thanks to The Jade Dog for the great Mother's Day presents! FOUR tubes of those fabulous new gold-fumed seed beads - yum! If you've got a minute, check out her blog and see if you can answer the question she poses in this post HERE.

Now here's an odd little aside: If you live near an Einstein Bros. Bagels, I can highly recommend two of their gourmet bagels - the Dutch Apple and the Spinach Florentine. Even on a diet, I manage to work them in. Too good to miss.

Took new photos of my beaded bead necklaces. Since they are so lovely AND affordable, the only reason I still haven't sold them all from Etsy must be the photos. These are a serious improvement.

I've made a good deal of progress on my next embroidered cuff, but rather than wait until it's finished, I thought I'd post what I've done up to now:

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Oh! And I was cleaning out some bead trays and found two rings I made a few months ago. Pretty things, too.


  1. Love both the embroidery and the rings. It must be so nice to have a daughter who shares your love for beading.

  2. @ Auntie - Thanks! And my daughter not only shares my love for the little bits of glass, she works with beads for a living! She has some serious mad skillz, too.

  3. I sure do love your cuffs and this is another outstanding one IMHO!

  4. @ bobbi - Thanks! I've been following your BJP and I have to say, judging by the fabric you've got lined up, your June page is gonna be a jaw-dropper.


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