Odds, Ends, and Progress

First off, thanks to The Jade Dog for the great Mother's Day presents! FOUR tubes of those fabulous new gold-fumed seed beads - yum! If you've got a minute, check out her blog and see if you can answer the question she poses in this post HERE.

Now here's an odd little aside: If you live near an Einstein Bros. Bagels, I can highly recommend two of their gourmet bagels - the Dutch Apple and the Spinach Florentine. Even on a diet, I manage to work them in. Too good to miss.

Took new photos of my beaded bead necklaces. Since they are so lovely AND affordable, the only reason I still haven't sold them all from Etsy must be the photos. These are a serious improvement.

I've made a good deal of progress on my next embroidered cuff, but rather than wait until it's finished, I thought I'd post what I've done up to now:

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Oh! And I was cleaning out some bead trays and found two rings I made a few months ago. Pretty things, too.


Along a Path of Wine Dark Tears

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three

Phase Four

Along a Path of Wine Dark Tears

The cabochon and large disk beads are Wild Horse Mountain Stone; the wine dark path is made of garnet chips; the accents are potato pearls and tiny pewter stars. The background is worked in Japanese and Czech seed beads. The clasp is an antique silver finish slide, the backing is black UltraSuede.


Beadwork Magazine

The June/July issue will have the print version with, I hope, more details about the competition - like how many entries there were and who were the judges.

EDIT: Just got a call from Roger at the Newsland - he just unpacked his most recent arrivals and there was Beadwork! He's holding three copies for me!! WOOHOO!!

Now it's time to respond to the comments on the previous post(because when I respond down in the comments section, they tend to get overlooked - besides, I can't figure out how to post a picture there):

Lynn said...I love the subtle shadings of the colors. Just beautiful!
AuntieAnnie said...Beautiful. I really like the branching effect that you used.
Dulcey said...I love that! It's very calm, love the soft colors and the variety of texture.

Thanks, guys! You know, when I started this piece I had no idea what I was going to do beyond putting those two pieces of agate in the middle.

sweetpea_path said...oooooh, this one's SWEEEEET!! Agree too, as someone else said, the branching effect is beautiful -- and it really adds another dimension (for lack of a better word). Morwyn, what are your thoughts on why this piece is drawing more attention, etc.???

I've wondered about this - and I'm just not sure - maybe the strength of the contrast?

beadbabe49 said...Another fabulous piece, morwyn! You've got me looking for stone cabs now, although I haven't found "the one" yet, lol!

My problem is the stones find ME. I spent about four hours yesterday getting them all rounded up from their various hiding places.
I have so many ideas I can only hope I live long enough to work them all up -

Dave Robertson said...Nice blend of symmetry & organic forms, Morwyn. I'd also love to see a photo of it on your wrist... :)

Okay, Dave - here ya go:

I took these shots with the webcam in my little Acer netbook, so they aren't as clear as I'd like but you get the idea.


Hi, Honey! I'm Home!

I've been working on a few things. This is my latest bead embroidered cuff.

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

Stage Four

The Road Behind, The Road Ahead

I've worn this several times and it has drawn more attention and provoked more compliments than anything I've made to date.